Sharon Jane D. -
Visual Artist & Photographer

Sharon Jane D. has an instinctive desire to translate stories through still and moving images. Her work is blurring the lines of reality and illusion while incorporating the beauty of everyday life.

She's an autonomous visual artist and has been researching the dynamics of many cultures & societies throughout the world. She's working daily on creating a utopia, where collaboration, artistic expression, and respect for one another's perspective is worth more than Gold.

Sharon Jane D. established her Creative Studio in 2011. She works with  artists, brands, organisations, cultural institutions, studio's,  agencies. Her work is being published in exhibitions, books, magazines and commercials, online as well physically. 

Visual Productions entail one or more 
of the following services:

  • Photography 
  • Videography 

  • Art Direction
  • Visual Research
  • Concept Development
  • Location Scouting
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Post Production 
  • Campaign Design
Using Format